• Tweak-10 for Windows 10

    Tried and trusted worldwide - now also for Windows 10.

    The worlds' unique solution for Windows 10: The original Tweak-10. More than 10 years after the release of our first 'Tweak' product. Tweak-10 offers everything you need to make Windows 10 a personal Windows 10 that fits your needs and expectations: simple system tweaking, lots of system restrictions and fast and simple system and registry cleanup. All in one product, all in Tweak-10.

  • Tweak-SSD v2 for SSD's

    Get all out of your SSD - now also on Windows 10.

    The original Tweak-SSD v2: Everything you need to optimize your SSD on Windows 7, 8.x or Windows 10. Optimize and tweak your Windows for a better performance of your SSD. Includes several tweaks to optimize Windows for your SSD, making it even faster and reducing read and write access. With an intuitive tweaking wizard guiding you from one tweak to the other, suggesting the best settings.

  • Tweak-8 for Windows 8.x

    Your tweaking and optimization software for Windows 8.x.

    The worlds' unique solution for Windows 8.x: The original Tweak-8. All you need to tweak, customize and optimize Windows 8.x: Heaps of features to customize, optimize and tweak Windows 8.x, no need to dig into the system registry: activate hundreds of tweaks by a mouse click only, make Windows 8.x work and look the way you want it to: Tweak-8 includes everything you need.

  • 8StartButton for Windows 8.x

    We bring back what others removed.

    A fully featured Windows start button plus a new and modern start menu for Windows 8.x. "Various tools [...] claim to add a Start menu back into Windows 8.x, but 8StartButton does it in the most instantly recognizable way."

Welcome to Totalidea Software

Totalidea Software develops Windows system tweaking and system optimization software since 2001. Our tools have won lots of awards and defined a new standard in this software category. Beside Windows development we concentrate on app development for iOS, with our home automation apps SmartFritz, myatmo and alterMA, and several apps for kids and autistic people.

Some of our clients from the last 15 years:

Some of our clientsSome of our clientsSome of our clients

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